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Business Ethics

Through effective strategic planning the Pax Board of Management oversees the strategic direction of our company in line with our vision.

We continuously strive to achieve value for not only our business but all stakeholders, from our employees to our Customers.

We dare to be different, try to be unique in what we offer and how we offer it, and pride ourselves on being able to competently differentiate ourselves from the competition within the market that we compete in.

Pax sees our corporate governance, business ethics and social accountability as being critical components of our continuing success. The role and responsibilities of our Board of Management include:

  • Continuous improvement. Identify and measure risk that might have impact upon the achievement of our financial, strategic and operational objectives;
  • Monitor performance of, and continuously improve, the effectiveness of risk management systems and internal compliance and controls
  • Ensure Pax business activities and corporate governance practices comply with all legal requirements.

Pax remains committed to further development and strengthening of our governance and compliance structure. Pax Board of Management continues to oversee, monitor and improve the effectiveness of this structure throughout our business, including areas such as legal and regulatory compliance, workplace health and safety, environmental, trade practices and all employment obligations.

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Pax Australia’s Policies available for download:

Pax Australia Workplace Gender Equality Documents